Legal Warning

Esperanza Codina, responsible for the website (hereinafter RESPONSIBLE), makes this document available to users to comply with the legal obligations of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society and of Electronic Trade (LSSICE), BOE N. 166, and to inform all web users of the terms of use.

Everyone who accesses this website assumes the role of user, committing to observe and rigorously comply with the following provisions, as well as any other legal provision that must be applied.

Esperanza Codina reserves the right to modify any type of information that appears on the website without obligation to warn or publicize to users these obligations. It is understood that the publication on the canperesau website is understood to be sufficient.


Domain name:

Commercial name: Can Pere de Sau
Comotion: Esperanza Codina
NIF: 77085615B 
Social address: Montseny 4, Vilanova de Sau
Telephone: +34646545361


This website, including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for the operation (designs, logos, text and graphics) are the property of the RESPONSIBLE.

Regardless of the purpose, total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing, is always required of prior written authorization by the RESPONSIBLE. Any previously unauthorized use is considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.

The designs, logos, texts and graphics outside the RESPONSIBLE and that may appear on the website belong to the respective owners, being themselves responsible for any possible controversy that may arise.

The RESPONSIBLE recognizes in favor of the owners the corresponding rights of intellectual and industrial property, not implying the single mention or appearance on the web the existence of rights or responsibilities of any kind on them, nor support, sponsorship or recommendation by the same.

For any observation regarding possible breaches of intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as on the contents of the website, they can do so via email:


The RESPONSIBLE is exempt from any liability arising from the information published on the website provided that it has been manipulated or introduced by a third party outside the website.


Esperanza Codina reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained on the website and may even limit or not allow access to information to certain users.

Esperanza Codina assumes no responsibility for the information on third-party websites that can be accessed by “links” or links from any website owned by Esperanza Codina.

The presence of links to the websites of Esperanza Codina has a purely informative purpose and in no case supposes suggestion, invitation or recommendation on the links.


This Legal Notice is governed entirely by Spanish law.

Provided that there is no rule that obliges otherwise, for the questions that may arise about the interpretation, application and completion of this Legal Notice, as well as the claims that may arise from its use, the parties agree to submit to the Judges and Tribunals of the province of BARCELONA, expressly waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


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